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IIUM Centre for Continuing Education Sdn Bhd

1) The Centre

IIUM Centre for Continuing Education (ICCE) was formerly known as Centre for Excellence in Continuing Education and Enhanced Teaching-Learning (C-ExCEL). ICCE was established in August 1999 after IIUM decided to reorientate itself in serving the community that lies within and beyond the confines of IIUM campus with knowledge and information.

IIUM Centre for Continuing Education (ICCE) is an education and training centre that aims at providing quality education and training accessible to a wider scope of audiences. ICCE offers and supports education and training programmes in various fields, from the lowest to highest institutional levels of education.

Currently, ICCE is offering some education programmes, such as Executive Bachelor in Business Management (EBBM), and Bachelor in Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Heritage (BIRKH).

Besides focusing on educational programmes, ICCE also offers training courses that can be customized to the needs of the organizations. The courses offered include motivational programmes, communication skills, English and Arabic summer Camp, Teaching Methodology Course and Information Technology Programme.

ICCE is proud and committed to ensuring excellence quality in the programme offered. Several approaches were implemented to maintain the quality of services, these efforts resulted in overall aspect including the course offered and the quality lectures. Integration is vital to ICCE’s continued success in paving the path to become a compliant Executive Programme offered in Malaysia.

ICCE, by proclaiming to the University’s philosophy:

“Knowledge shall be propagated in the spirit of Tawhid, leading towards the recognition of Allah as the Absolute Creator and Master of Mankind”
bears the mission to make IIUM’s world class Islamic resources available for the local and international community regardless of belief, culture or nationality.

2) Mission Statement

The IIUM Centre for Continuing Education (ICCE) plans to be the leading provider of continuing education and distance learning programmes in all branches of knowledde, based on the principles of Islamization, Integration, Internationalization and Comprehensive Excellence (IIICE).

3) Goals

  • To mobilize all available expert resources in IIUM, especially in the fields of Revealed Knowledge, for the benefit of the country and the Muslim Ummah.
  • To conduct and coordinate continuing education and distance learning programmes for the International Islamic University of Malaysia.
  • To provide the opportunity to all Muslim Ummah to gain higher education, to develop their skills and to broaden their knowledge.

4) Strength

The centre offers academic programmes in various disciplines. The programmes that we offer are unique as they integrate in the syllabus Islamic teachings, morale and ethics.

For more information, log on to IIUM Centre for Continuing Education Sdn Bhd's website

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